Skin Whitening

Skin color or complexion is determined by the amount of melanin pigment present in the skin. Melanocytes cells cause the formation of melanin pigment under the skin. The melanin pigment also protects the skin from the sun and it gives color to the skin. Higher melanin production leads to darker skin complexion. Several factors that affect melanin production are hormones, skin damage, and sun exposure. Every individual desires for even, clear and radiant skin. But the challenges like dark spots, pigmentation caused by excess melanin production, does not allow the same. In people with dark skin tone, hyperpigmentation can cause uneven skin tone. Although hyperpigmentation is harmless, it can affect the overall appearance of an individual.

Thankfully today we have various dermatological skin lightening procedures that lighten the skin tone by eliminating blemishes, diminishing discolouration, and stimulating collagen production in the deep layers. With these skin advance treatments, one can lighten the pigmentation naturally.
As these treatments help to get the fair skin complexion these are also known as skin whitening. The most popular skin whitening treatments include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser toning, glutathione, skin lightening creams and so on.