Laser hair Removal

By employing the latest technology, we deliver painless, comfortable, and effective laser Hair Reduction
Everyone’s worst fear about laser hair reduction being painful is now a thing of the past. At Felicity Derma Clinic we offer the world’s finest and safest technologies Triple wavelength Diode in motion for laser hair reduction. It is painless, comfortable and effective.
At Felicity Derma Clinic we have a very satisfied clientele because the doctors evaluate the hair growth before every treatment, decide whether the treatment is needed at all, rule out any hormonal issues, treat them alongside the laser treatment and supervise each treatment session.

Remove unwanted hair faster and more effectively with the latest cosmetic laser treatment

1. For the entire body and face including: underarms, full bikini, legs, arms, back, chest, abdomen etc.
2. For all skin types, including tanned skin.
3. Consultations with our certified laser practitioners, your quires will solve by them.
4. Cost effective – discounted packages you can design depending on the areas you need; far cheaper than e.g. a lifetime of waxing)
5. Simple and safe treatment.

How does laser hair removal work?

The laser beam passes through the skin without damaging it. The laser light is absorbed by melanin which is the dark pigment within the hair and then converted to heat. This allows a selective destruction of the base of the hair follicle, making it unable to produce hair as it did before. The surrounding skin is unharmed.

What special instructions are necessary before and after treatment?
  • Do not take medications that can produce sensitivity to lights
  • Do not use fake tan, sun beds, or expose your skin to the sun preferably 4 weeks before the treatment
  • Do not wax or remove the follicles in any way as they need to be intact for the laser to target them
  • Shave the area to be treated

  • Apply a soothing aloe-vera gel. Avoid Retin-A, alpha-hydroxy acids, glycolic acids, astringents etc. Wash with a mild soap and water, but do not rub or scrub the area.
  • Do not expose treatment areas to direct sunlight. Do not use tanning beds at any time during your treatment intervals with this laser. Wear a sunscreen daily if exposure to sunlight is unavoidable.
  • For three weeks before your first laser treatment and then throughout your laser treatments do not wax or pluck any hairs.
  • Do not pick or manipulate the skin in the treatment areas.
  • Avoid hot stimulation like saunas, Jacuzzi or cardio exercise for 48 hours after treatment.